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WE91A - Specifications


Tubes : 2 X WE 310A 2X WE 300B(or equivalent) 1 X 5Z3

Circuit: Self-biased single ended 300B with dc filament supply

Single stage 310A driver with pentode connection

No negative feedback

Input impedance: 470k ohm @ 1kHz

Gain: 22dB(typ) @ RL=8ohm

Output Power: 6W @8 ohms

Output Impedance: 4/8/16 ohms

Power Supply: B+: full-wave t rectifier + pi filter with choke coil (300B) filament: bridge rectifier + capacitor

Voltage: 120V

Power Consumption: 150VA

Measurements: W400 X D270 X 190mm

Net Weight: 20Kg (approx)