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 Toshi Kurashima's Passive Preamp with Western Electric input Transformers.


 Price $ 2995.00

 New! Kurashima 2A3 Integrated Amplifier
  .......  Features.......
.  3 High Level Inputs Plus 1 600 Ohm Input
.  Western Electric 171a Cores (Rewound)
.  Western Electric KS8616 Input Transformers
.  All High Quality Passive Components
.  DeLuxe Steel Chassis w/ Brass Feet and Felt Padding
.  Power output 4 Watts Per Channel (Emission Labs Tubes)
.  117 Volts 60 Hz (US version)
   .  Price  $6495.00


New from Toshi Kurashima! The first high powered Emission Labs 520 powered amplifier to come out of Japan!
This is a 25 watt per channel pure "Class A" transformer coupled design that finally provides
for inefficient speakers to be used in a "Single Ended" environment.  This amplifier features adjustable
bias. The tube compliment is 2 EML 520 V3 power triodes, 2 6SN7 driver tubes and one
5U4 rectifier. This amplifier is a special order item. Please email us for details!



Toshiaku Kurashima - WE91A Amplifier w. KR300B Output Tubes
(TubesUSA is the exclusive North American Distributor)


 Additional Images: Front / Back / Internal / Transformer Detail


Toshi Kurashima SE $4,995


Output Tubes - Kurashima thoriated tungsten Triode No. 1 x 2
Driver Tubes - Emission Labs 30A x 2
Rectifier Tubes - 281 x 2
Input Transformers - P-171A x 2
Output Transformers - P-100A x 2
Interstage Transformers - P-264 x 2
Selectable Output Power- 12 watts x 2 or 6 watts x 2

Call or email for price

WE 171A Transformer - Rewound by Toshi Kurashima

$2,499.95 per pair

For further information call (516) 902-3334
9AM  - 7PM Eastern


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